Hot Water System

Create hot water for free with our smart hot water system.

The Solar Gateway ThermoDynamics Hot Water System can create 100% of your domestic hot water needs, supplying you with hot water from nature’s free energy.

This game-changing heating solution is designed to replace your existing hot water heating system.

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Energy From The Elements, Day And Night

Watch this video to see how the SG Hot Water System works. Wind, rain and snow all contribute to creating hot water from this game-changing heating solution.

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How It Works

The SG Hot Water System has an Ozone friendly refrigerant running through it, which has a boiling point of -26C. The refrigerant leaves the unit as a cold liquid, as it passes through the panels, it absorbs heat energy and changes from a liquid to a ‘super-heated’ gas. On returning to the unit, the gas is compressed back to a liquid and the heat energy is transferred directly to your hot water.

Nature’s Energy

The SG Hot Water System uses a small amount of electricity to generate a large amount of hot water. By harvesting energy from the weather and transferring it to your hot water cylinder – you can create hot water for the entire house.

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