Solar pushes antiquated fuel to the back of the queue!

Published On: 23rd October 2018

Growth in the UK’s solar capacity has led to a record figure of generation through the spring of 2018, solar is gradually eating away at the energy mixture that the UK requires to run on a daily basis.

Solar generation topped out at 4.6TWh, to put that into perspective that’s enough to fully charge 66 million Tesla electric vehicles, that means we can all have one! Literally all of us in the UK, and still have enough left to put the kettle on.

The fantastic summer weather has played a part in this new found height of solar power, dry sunny days have provided the perfect conditions for solar to thrive. Meteorologists believe that this type of warmer summer, cooler winter is set to stay.

Solar was able to provide 31.7% of all the power consumed in this period of time, meaning we relied on coal for less than 2% of our power, how times have changed.

This is a fantastic step in the right direction for us a country to be moving closer to a majority of our power being sourced from renewable means.

The chief executive of Energy UK, had some words of caution for the government.

This power is able to be used because of those who’ve already made the switch to solar, both homeowners and businesses are making the change but we aren’t there yet.

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