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Advantages to solar energy

  • Reduces your Electricity Bill now!
  • Reduce your exposure to constantly rising Electricity prices. 6.8% Annually
  • Get paid for the spare Electricity you export to the National Grid
  • A great return on your investment. Far better than savings in the bank
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • Clean Pure Energy from the Sun
  • Reduces dependence on Fossil Fuels
  • Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Why Solar?

The sustained inflation of electricity prices in the UK means that nuclear and fossil energy are no longer sustainable resources for the financial well-being of UK households. In 2018, the UK National Infrastructure Commission as National Infrastructure Assessment said that the UK government should not agree support for more than one nuclear power station beyond Hinkley Point C before 2025. This means that the only way UK households can avoid financial instability with regard to electricity is to embrace renewable energy resources. Solar energy is one such resource.

How can you be confident that you will save money? Solar is simply cheap energy. In terms of renewable resources, the UK is one of the best energy suppliers in Europe. On a global level, there is an increasing move away from non-renewable resources (coal, oil, gas) to renewable resources (Solar). The UK is part of this global move because it sees renewable energy technology (Solar) as the most efficient resource for both the environment and the economy.

Cost Calculator

See how much your electricity costs will increase each year without Solar:

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In your yearly bill will be: £

Based on an average 6.8% yearly increase.

We could save you over £ in the next . Find out how:

    The Benefits Of Solar Energy

    Power Your Entire House

    Use the power of solar to create energy for your entire household.

    Help Preserve Our Future

    By using natural resources to create power we are reducing our impact on the earth.

    Reduce Your Monthly Energy Bill

    Energy costs are rising on average by 6.8% per year, and there’s no stopping it.

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