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How Can You Benefit From Solar Energy?

  • How long does it take to install an Solar Energy System?

    Typical residential systems usually one take one day to install. Systems mounted on the ground and systems with batteries are more complex, and may take longer. Most of this time is spent outside your house, so there is little disturbance to you. Commercial systems can take longer to install depending upon size and type of installation.

  • How do I know my system is working?

    All photovoltaic systems have a kilowatt-hour meter that shows how much the system is producing at that moment and also totals the kilowatts over the lifetime of the system. The owner can easily find out how much they have generated daily/monthly/annually and can monitor their system’s performance. In addition, Micro-inverter systems provide monitoring that allows the owner to see the performance in real time and historically for every panel in the system.

  • Will my system work when the power goes off?

    No. The solar modules stop making power when the power goes off for safety reasons – so the electrician working on the pole nearby is protected against electricity back fed into their lines. There are ways in which we can use different equipment for those living in rural area’s to circumvent this issue.

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